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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Judge Sol Casseb hosts meet/greet @ Little Red Barn, 6-30

L-R: Judge Sol Casseb & wife, Celeste, with Judge Martha Tanner, with former El Rey Feo Fernando Reyes, with Joe Straus Jr. & former State Senator Glenn Kothman, with Bobby Barrera & Roy Barrera III, with former Secretary of State Roy Barrera Sr. & former Judge Roy Barrera Jr., former Councilman Ron Segovia, Distict Clerk Margaret Montemayor. former State Senator Glenn Kothman, former El Rey Feo Ronnie Gabriel, sister Cindy Gabriel, Judge Pat Garza, Terri Dougherty, attendees, car sign

Judge Sol Casseb hosted a meet/greet @ Little Red Barn on Hackberry, June 30th.

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