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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gilliland says, We need a change now in Congress"

Lukin Gilliland (photo)
Congressional District 23 candidate
Just weeks after entering the race for Congress, Lukin's campaign has seized the momentum and is the clear frontrunner in the race for a new direction and positive change.

With every poll and pundit predicting a Democratic takeover of Congress on November 7, doesn't it make sense to send someone to Washington who wants to be part of the solution, not part of the problem?

Lukin calls for a living wage...

Lukin is running on a bold agenda of change that includes implementing a living wage as a crucial step toward helping to lift an estimated 14.9 million ­about 11 percent of the nation's work force ­ out of the grinding poverty that characterizes their day-to-day lives.

"Paying a living wage will help families support themselves and reduce the taxpayer burden for food stamps and other vital public assistance programs," Lukin says.

A successful rancher and small businessman, Lukin knows that a living wage makes economic and moral sense. "Responsible businesses know they can no longer ask taxpayers to subsidize their decision not to pay their workers a living wage," Lukin adds.

Lukin asked his opponent, incumbent Henry Bonilla, to give back the latest pay raise he gave himself in June, saying that Washington's values are upside down when professional politicians can increase their own pay while denying a living wage to the families they represent.

"Henry Bonilla didn't get the job done, and he didn't earn a pay raise," Lukin says.

Congress has voted itself seven straight pay raises since Bonilla took office, a total of $34,900 in increased salary -- nearly twice the $18,000 median income of the families in his district who pay his salary.


Anonymous said...

The idea that Lukin is the "clear" frontrunner is MERE OPINION. His campaign must have written this. Where was he during the Primaries? Is he even a Democrat? Seems he came around merely to muck for votes. Fake fake fake...

Anonymous said...

Ciro Rodriguez is the right man for Congressional District 23, not Lukin Gilliland! Go Ciro!