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Friday, September 01, 2006

Ciro Rodriguez says..."I am baack!!!!!

Top Row: Ciro Rodriguez, candidate for District 23, Carolina Rodriguez, Ciro's wife
2nd Row: Gina Castaneda, campaign manager and Rosa Rosales, LULAC National President
3rd Row: Carlos Guerra, SA Express-News columnist; Greg Jefferson, political reporter for the Express-News; & Keli Dailey, SA Current reporter
4th Row: Mike Board, WOAI Radio reporter

In an astounding turnabout, Congressional District 23 candidate Ciro Rodriguez experienced a change of heart after a huge backlash to his announcement at the Central Labor Council (CLC) Wednesday, August 30th that he was dropping out of the congressional race.

Rodriguez cited an overwhelming number of phone calls to his headquarters, crowds turning up at his headquarters and checks from $500 and larger in a 48-hour time frame that convinced him he needed to stay the course.

Introduced by Stella Pope, long time supporter, the crowd chanted, "Ciro, Ciro." According to the former Congressman, "We have turned this around and I have decided to do my darnest and stay in the race."

He continued, "We are going to make this happen if we do it together. We will go all the way to the December runoff."

Rodriguez told the enthusiastic crowd, " I will work hard and dedicate myself to the campaign and just do it."

SA Current Reporter Kellie Dailey asked him his reaction to being labeled a flip-flopper by his critics. Rodriguez replied, They can call me flip-flopper or whatever the hell they want, but I am in this race to win."

He also pointed out to the crowd that he knows the voters understand about this race. "It is not about me, but about the kids and the seniors who have been denied services, along with the veterans who have suffered under this administration."

Over 40 neighbors and long time friends suffered the heat of the afternoon sun to come out and support Rodriguez.

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