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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Toll Roads: the new taxation

By Margaret Cone
on Toll Roads

On July 29, 2005 President Bush signed a bill that permits the charging of tolls on existing highways, planned interstate highways, bridges and tunnels. Now, that's a tax increase.

The tolls will be universally compatible utilizing toll responder tags on every vehicle. Sounds like "1984." In order to promote the confiscation and sale of our national roadways the Federal Government is using a "divide and conquer" mentally.

Convincing the American people on a state by state basis by offering lucrative contracts to construction companies and promising large sums of money to state and local politicians. Greed wills out over conscience.

Is the taking of private land, then leasing this land to a foreign company, who will in turn tax (I mean toll) the citizens of this country constitutional?


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