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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Lucy Adame Clark announces run for Bexar County Clerk, 7-22

I have become a candidate to run for Bexar County Clerk's Office coming soon to your 2018 election. Press release scheduled soon. Time for many of us to step out and step up to leadership positions, taking a leap of Faith. Working with Bexar county 20+ yrs has given me good experience and many opportunities to take. Being an activist in the community and advocating for many good causes gives us values. 

Anthony at the Democratic gathering yesterday said it best "you bleed red and blue" you bleed red like your community and blue for your Law Enforcement family. Love it!

The beautiful thing we sat down as a family, my honey said it's about time, my mother cried, my father smiled and many sisters said let's do it.

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