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Saturday, January 03, 2015

We forgot these photos @ investitures on New Year's Day, 1-1

DA Nico LaHood with Justice Rebeca Martinez, Jose Gallegos, County Judge Nelson Wolff, ACCD Board Member Ana Bustamante, former SAISD Board President Dr. William Elizondo, Pastor Rick Godwin, Adult Probation Association President Sherri Simonelli, Police Chief Anthony Trevino, ACCD Board Member Joe Alderete, Robert Vargas III, Judges Ray Olivarri, Rebeca Martinez & Michael Mery, former Judge Juanita Vasquez-Gardner with Sheriff Susan Pamerleau, Mayoral candidate Ray Zavala, Randy Ross, Univision 41 Anchor Antonio Guillen, Mary Green, former Sheriff Amadeo Ortiz, Katie Kinder, Judges Ron Rangel & David Canales, C.J. Littlefield, HISD Board President Velma Ybarra,Senator Carlos Uresti with ACCD Board Member  Joe Alderete, Karen & Mayoral canidate & former Commissioner Tommy Adkisson, former Police Chief Bill McManus with wife

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