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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I support Democratic Candidate Mike Villarreal for SA Mayor

We’re rolling into the new year with a lot of momentum. Thank you for helping us start off with a bang.

We've hit many milestones in our campaign, and will strive to hit many more between now and May. One of our favorites was the successful launch of our #TeamSAStrong fundraising campaign. To date, 

#TeamSAStrong members have enabled us to continue to print literature for voters, yard signs, and much more. I could not campaign at the level that I do without #TeamSAStrong. The news out of the campaign has been great.

Everyday, new business and community leaders are throwing their support behind me, and I’ve been out front on the pressing issues facing our city. I’ve outlined for voters how I will attract new, good-paying jobs and improve skills training so that everybody has a chance at gainful employment if they want it. I have also called attention to the threat to the city’s fiscal health if we can’t strike a deal on a contract for the police and fire unions.

This Sunday, we’ll start sending you a weekly newsletter to let you know my plans for everything from investing in streets and other basic infrastructure to public safety and keeping your taxes low. We’ll also keep you up on news from the campaign trail.

If you haven't joined #TeamSAStrong, I would encourage you to do so now by clicking here. Becoming a member can cost as little as $10 a month. Members of #TeamSAStrong will receive yard signs, t-shirts, and bumper stickers. 

They also will be invited to join weekly campaign conference call updates, happy hour events, and bike rides and runs through every corner of our city.
Make sure you're in on the action by becoming a member.

Together, we can make San Antonio a city of opportunity for our children!
Thank you.

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