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Friday, January 23, 2015

Diego Bernal for State Rep. 123 needs your support, 2-17

Thanks to your support, we emerged as the clear front-runner on January 6th, earning more than 47% of the vote. I'm deeply humbled that a vast majority of the money we raised came from the everyday, hardworking residents of House District 123.                 
With the election only 25 days away, it's time to kick the campaign back into high gear. 
I need your help one more time.
Stop by our campaign headquarters at 6653 San Pedro Ave. or give us a call at 210-414-1025 to lend a hand.  The office opens at 10 a.m.every day, and we'll be knocking on doors and making phone calls through Election Day.  We appreciate all of your continued help and support.  
Let's take the fight to Austin! Let's finish strong!
Let's go! 

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