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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Lorraine's $44th B-Day Fundraiser for ACCD-District 4, 4-5

Dr. Lorraine Pulido's $44th BDAY Fundraiser for Alamo Colleges Board of Trustees - District 4. Hosted by: Erika Prosper

This Saturday, April 5th. 7 - 10 p.m. at Prosper-Nirenberg Home, 2515 Fairfield Bend Dr.

 Hello Friends!

As Lorraine's 44th approaches, we would like to invite you to an alternative birthday celebration. Instead of getting her a great gift, we are asking you to donate the money towards her campaign for the District 4 Board Trustee seat of the Alamo Colleges.

We will take any and all denominations of 4 - $44, $54, etc. ANY 4s you can spare! If you're unable to attend, you can make a contribution at

So please, come and enjoy some munchies, cake and a birthday toast to one of the most deserving community leaders we have in San Antonio!

And pass this along to anyone we might have missed but would like to give!

Erika Prosper

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