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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Fundraiser for CC#12 Judge Scott Roberts @ Paesano's, 4-2

L-R: Judge Scott Roberts & wife, Lisa, & Judge Walden Shelton, with judicial candidate Crystal Chandler, with Gale Sayers, with wife, Judge Waldon Shelton, Freida Wright, judicial candidate Crystal Chandler, Judge Genie Wright, Tonya Thompson, Brenda Key, Criminal Court judicial candiate Kevin Yeary, State Bar President candidate Alan Dubois, Judges Waldon Shelton, Jason Pulliam, judicial candidate Crystal Chandler, Jessica Barraza, Judges Monica Gonzalez, Jason Wolff, former State Rep. Joe Gamez,  Judges Michael LaHood & Bill White, judicial candidate Celeste Brown, Jim Hall, former Judge Keith Baker, Bexar District Clerk Donna McKinney, judicial candidate Brenda Levenstein,supporters, T-shirts, Paesano's

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