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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Libertarian candidates to be on ballot in November-Bexar County

L-R: Bexar County Commissioner Pct. 2 candidate Annette Anderson, Bexar County Judge candidate Rhett Smith, Bexar County Libertarian Chair Gil Robinson, US Rep. District 21 candidate Ryan Shields, State Rep. District 121 candidate Jeff Carruthers, Atty. General candidate Jamie Balagia, Governor candidate Kathie Glass. Texas Libertarian candidates have been announced to include a number of Bexar County Libertarians for the ballot in the Novembr General  Election.

US Rep. District 20 Jeffrey Blount
US Rep. District 21 Ryan Shields
US Rep. District 28 Will Akens
US REp. District 35 Cory Bruner
Texas Senate District 25 Brandin Lea
State Rep. District 120 Gilberto Villeta
State Rep. District 121 Jeff Carruthers
State Rep. District 122 James Holland
State Rep. District 125 Daniel Behrman
State Board of Ed.  District 3 Josh Morales
Bexar County Judge Rhett Smith
Bexar County Commissoner Pct. 2 Annette Anderson
Bexar County JP Pct. 3 Jason Pipoly

Governor Kathie Glass
Lt. Gov. Robert Butler
Atty Gen. Jamie Balagia
AG Commissioner David "Rocky" Palmquist
Railroad Comm. Mark Miller
Land Comm. Justin Knight
Comptroller Bert Sanders

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