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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Sophia DiGonis poem on Walker Report, 10-8-11 & 4-2-13

I am a fighter inside,
and I know what means war.

My people have fought others
and each other for
centuries galore.

I undertstand prophecy and the
gifts of the future.
I know what it is like to be the
least listened to teacher.

I am not afraid to look
into the eyes of man
and see there how journey's end and began.
I am not afraid to die,
for I have done it before--
and I know what it is like
to live again it's no bore.

I am a seed from heaven that was put to the earth in order
to give another life in birth--
I am sent from the angels and
ancestors too.

To find what's real
and you will find it.

That's why I am brought to those
who need me...
Poet Sophia DiGonis on Talk Now SA, 4-2, see previous post

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