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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Home Health Care Symposium hosts candidates, 8-4

L-R: Co-cordinator Chris Alderete, Judge Renee McElhaney with Walker Report Publisher/Editor & Judge Steve Walker, Congressman Charlie Gonzalez staffer Suzanna Benevides, Terri Doughtery, Tino Moreno, Commissoner nominee (Green) Kat Swift, Governor nominee (Green) Deborah Shafto, Judges Catherine Torres-Stahl, Ray Angelini with judicial nominee Melisa Skinner, Sol Casseb with Gale Sayers, Ray Olivarri, Janet Littlejohn, Lisa Jarrett, Gloria Saldana, & Al Alonso & wife, Maria Elena Torralva, State Senator Carlos Uresti, State Rep. nominee Michael Workman, Congressional nominees Lainey Melnick, Quico Canseco, & Clayton Trotter, DA Susan Reed, Lt. Guv. nominee Linda Chavez Thompson, District Clerk Margaret Montemayor & daughter, Gina, DA nominee Nico LaHood, judicial nominees Rosie Gonzalez, Ina Castillo, Norma Gonzalez, Aida Rojas, Rosie Alvarado, Roberto Rios, Rebeca Martinez, & Dinorah Diaz, Health Care Givers Members, Red, White, Blue

A Home Helath Care Symposium hosted numerous candidates @ Dave & Busters to include Democrats, Republicans & Green Party, August 4th.

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D. Addiction said...

This seems to be that home health care symposium hosted numerous candidates. And the picture is showing a large number of differences between them.