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Friday, December 12, 2008

Local Comedian Cleto Rodriguez to debut Fox show

Cleto Rodriguez (photo)

We have come along away from taping 4 nights a week with a handheld an empty restaurant...for an online audience of friends and family...After a year and a half...much sacrifice....many obstacles overcome....

Our baby is making it’s debut on Fox 29 Saturday December 13th...Through faith...just plain stubbornness...but probably both we have survived: No budget, No equipment, No experience, Nobody full time The “Late Night Live studios” / Italian restaurant unexpectedly getting shut down...

Successfully taping back to back shows at Sea World while it rained on our guests, our audience, our set, and our rented equipment...

Investing thousands in taping the season 2 premiere at Sea World only to have the network shut down one week before it was scheduled to air Tomorrow you can play a part in helping our dream stay alive by watching our show and emailing fox at

The Cleto Show-KABB Fox 29 San Antonio, Sat. Dec. 13th @ 11:30 p.m.Re-run My 35 Sun. Dec. 14th @ 11 p.m. Be sure to Bcc us on those e-mails here at We're so glad you are part of this effort to bring late night TV to San Antonio.

Thanks for all of your support. Be sure to spread the word!

Carlos Maestas
The Cleto Show
Don't forget to check us out on YouTube:

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