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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Courage wins Progressive Patriot award

By John Courage
Congressional candidate
21st Congressional District

I am so proud to have won the support of DFA and the first Grassroots All-Star Endorsement for the 2006 Election Season. My campaign has very strong grassroots, and they were essential in winning this endorsement.

This endorsement in TX-21 is sending a strong national message to the GOP congressional "leadership" that in 2006 they can run, but they can't hide - even in Texas.All of us should be proud of the way the poll was run, the way the candidates were all presented and the way Democrats around the country were given the opportunity to let their voices be heard.

It was great to know that 60 Congressional candidates applied for DFA's endorsement! It is through participation like this, that we will win back the House of Representatives.This endorsement has special meaning for me because my wife and I have been DFA meetup hosts and activists for the past 2 years.

I know that receiving the support of DFA is important because I've seen the grassroots strength first-hand.There's been an overwhelming response in Central Texas to my call for reining in the budget deficit, developing an exit-strategy for Iraq, restoring ethics to Congress and supporting policies that meet the needs of mainstream working families, not just millionaires and Tom DeLay.

The local excitement about a change in Congress helped produce a DFA victory this week and will carry me to victory next November.Help us amplify the power of your endorsement and make a contribution to our campaign. I expect to run a race funded by the many small-dollar donations of ordinary people and any amount is appreciated.

Please consider making the most of your contribution by selecting an automatically recurring monthly gift -- knowing that we can count on your ongoing support will be priceless for the campaign!

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