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Friday, June 19, 2020

Commentary on Juneteenth March & Rally across the USA

Juneteenth is an incredibly important holiday -- some would call it our own version of Fourth of July -- for it celebrates Black's resiliency and reminds us how far we've come and how much further we have to go in our pursuit for liberty, justice and equality. President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation became official on January 1, 1863. However, that news didn't arrive until June 19, 1865 in Galveston, Texas. It took more than two years for freedom to reach all Americans. That's almost 900 days of Texas slaves not knowing they no longer had to provide their free labor or adhere to a slave master.

Just because our ancestors were freed legally on that hot June day, it didn't mean they were equal. And to this day, we're fighting for liberty, justice and equality for all. That's why we are still mobilizing and protesting for the very thing our ancestors fought for -- the pursuit of happiness for all Black lives. Because no one is free until all of us are free.

When we say Black Lives Matter, we don't mean that they only matter now. Our lives have always mattered. From the Civil Rights Movement to the recent days of protesting on the streets for George Floyd and so many others, when our community comes together we pave the way for future generations and all Americans. We do the work now so that our children can enjoy a prosperous and equitable future. We speak loudly so the voice of democracy can be heard in a way that all people have a fair shot at living a quality life.

Though we're tired, frustrated, and grieving, decade after decade demonstrate we're a resilient people. That's ultimately what Juneteenth is all about -- celebrating our talents, achievements, and progress while remembering all the struggles our ancestors had to endure and reminding our great land of thee, in the words of Langston Hughes, "[We], too, sing America" -- just take a closer look at our history.

I'm proud to be a Black woman, mom, daughter, niece, and friend. I stand with my brothers and sisters because we will persevere. We are going to continue to resist discriminatory and racist practices by speaking truth to power, kneeling for injustice, and voting for progressive change! We've done it for hundreds of years, and there's nothing stopping us now, and a hundred more years if necessary.

And as Black Democrats we've shown our loyalty, dedication and commitment in supporting the efforts of our Party. We hope to continue celebrating beyond today and after November as the bluest battleground state in the nation!

We must keep pushing America towards democracy to mandate it fulfills its promise of liberty, justice and equality for all Americans.

Together, Texas Democrats, we celebrate and thanks again for everything you do,
Dr. Carla Brailey
Vice Chair, Texas Democratic Party

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