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Sunday, July 08, 2018

Mark Trevino suffers deadly heart attack riding bike yesterday, 7-7

     Mark Trevino with mother Alice Guerra, 
    (deceased 11-11-2018)  & other relatives & daughter Marcie

     From what I have been told, it happened instantly, he did not suffer. I like to think to myself that, the last thing he experienced was the pure joy of wind in his face, dirt and rocks under his wheels, flying down a beautiful hill country trail. This was his escape, his therapy, his meditation, his ultimate place of bliss. While you are gone, you are not forgotten. I love you dad! If you are able to help support our memorial fundraiser please go to  this GoFundMe link. Thanks. 

I am heartbroken and this year and the many years to come will not 
be easy, as I will miss him at every turn, but I will celebrate my dad 
whenever possible. I will tell my kids the  stories of his adventures. 

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