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Thursday, July 05, 2018

Howard Ray- American Patriot, POW, Purple Heart, passes, 7-4

From the wall of Ira Wade:

“Early this morning, appropriately, moments of the the ending of the Fourth of July, a true American Patriot, former prisoner-of-war, Purple Heart recipient, devout Christian, faithful public servant, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and the strongest, most honorable man I will ever have the privilege of knowing made his transition.

Howard Ray, you will be sorely-missed. I am so glad to have been blessed with you as the head o...f our family. May you rest in glorious peace.”

Updated text from Gloria Ray:
“He gloriously died ON the 4th in the midst of all the fireworks. 
 Very fitting for the military guy he was.”

My sentiments:
As we collectively mourn the loss of our friend, please join me in sending condolences to this wonderful family, their friends, and the many organizations benefiting from Howard’s involvement and devotion over SOOO many years.

“Old Soldiers never due, they just fade away!”

Editor's note: He is a retired Army Sgt. Major!

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