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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Viet Nam Veterans honored by the DAR @ local Restaurant, 3-6

Recipients honored by DAR Six Flags Chapter REGENT Bonnie Higgins,
(l-r) (back row): Steve Walker, Bill Dante, Chuck Gibbons, John Massey, DAR Regent Bonnie Higgins, Marine Sergeant Stephen Shaw, Jim Sharon, Tom Shumaker. (front row): Tony Uminski, Jerry King, Mike Collie, Jim Carter, Dave Griffith, Walker Report Editor & former Judge Steve Walker with Higgins & Marine Sergeant Stephen Shaw, Jerry King, Bill Dante, other Viet Nam Veterans. Bud Little, Liz Patranella, Eddie Reyes, supporters, flags, posters @ Longhorn Cafe, Certificate for recipients

Recognition by DAR as Commemorative Partners of the national Vietnam War Commemoration program. All veterans recognized are members, family or friends of the Society of San Antonio Radio Broadcasters.

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