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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg speaks on behalf of DACA, 9-6

We are a city, a state, and a nation of immigrants. To rescind DACA not only goes against our principles as a nation, it undermines sound economic policy and the commitment we made to protect children who came into this country and have strived to make it better.

As public servants, we take on the responsibility to protect and serve all of our residents. As Mayor of San Antonio, a city rooted in compassion, my job is to advocate for the rights of all. DACA recipients are our... students and our employees, our family members and our neighbors. They contribute to our country as taxpayers, and their innovative ideas, hard work and dedication are the foundation of a strong community.

Rescinding the program weakens our nation's economy and violates our core values. San Antonio joins cities across Texas and the U.S. to call on bipartisan leaders in Congress to honor the promise we made to students and workers.

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