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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Annual Adam Rangel Back 2 School Shoe Offering, draws kids, 9-9

 Adam Rangel, daughter-in-law Patsy & husband Judge Ron Rangel, Adam & his sons, grandaughter, Judges Celeste Brown Lori Rummel, Melissa Skinner, Rogelio Lopez, Tom Stolhanske, Crystal Chandler, Susan Skinner & Walden Shelton, John Longoria, Genie Wright, candidates for Judge Carlos Quezada & Libby Wiedermann, candidate for District Clerk Mary Angie Garcia, Roosvelt High School graduates & Judges Susan Skinner & Walden Shelton, classmate, & former Roosevelt HS teacher (when they were there) & Walker Report Editor & former JP Steve Walker, kids getting shoes, shoes to choose from & Holy Redeemer Catholic Church hosting the shoe giveaway event

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