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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Texas Association of County Employees endorse Javier Salazar

Texas Association of County Employees (TACE) is proud to announce their formal endorsement of Javier Salazar, Candidate for Bexar County Sheriff. TACE represents county employees, many of whom are Bexar County Deputy Sheriffs and civilian employees.

This endorsement is in addition to several Law Enforcement Organizations that have come out in support of Salazar’s candidacy for Bexar County Sheriff. Other law enforcement organizations that have endorsed Salazar include;
  • Deputy Sheriffs Association of Bexar County
  • San Antonio Police Officers Association
  • Bexar County Adult Probation Officers
  • Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT)
  • National Latino Law Enforcement Organization

Ivan Diaz, Vice President of TACE stated “TACE is proud to be among the first to support Javier Salazar. Mr. Salazar has taken the time out of his busy schedule to give us insight on how he is planning to solve the ongoing problems in the Sheriff’s Office. We do not discredit anybody else running for office and wish everyone luck. However given the vote from the membership, the Texas Association of County Employees endorses Javier Salazar for Bexar County Sheriff. We do so based on his qualifications, community involvement, and proven leadership. Javier Salazar is the most qualified candidate in the race for Bexar County Sheriff”.

In response to the endorsements Salazar stated “I am humbled that these deputies and civilian employees have chosen to take a great risk by endorsing my bid for Sheriff. This is a testament to the need for change within the Sheriff’s Office.

I am running for Sheriff, because as a 23-year law enforcement officer, I understand that the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is not a business. It is a law enforcement agency. It is composed of deputies and civilian employees who deal with human emotion and saving lives.

I envision an unprecedented relationship between the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office and the community. Together we will keep criminals off the streets and keep our community safe.”

Contact: Robert Vargas III
Campaign Manager
Javier Salazar for Bexar County Sheriff
(210) 303-9092

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