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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Democrat Sheriff candidate Andy Lopez endorses Sheriff Pamerleau

Andy Lopez, candidate for Bexar County Sheriff in the recent Democratic primary election, has formally endorsed Sheriff Susan Pamerleau for re-election.

"As a voter, I have to have full faith and confidence in whom I vote for. I have that full faith and confidence in Sheriff Susan Pamerleau. As a lifelong Democrat, I usually don't support Republicans. Sheriff Susan Pamerleau is different, however. When it comes to protecting the people of Bexar County, she throws politics out the window. Between her and Javier Salazar, Sheriff Susan Pamerleau is hands-down the best candidate for the job and I am proud to endorse her for a second term. She's doing an excellent job, let's re-elect her,” said Andy Lopez.

Sheriff Susan Pamerleau said,
"I deeply appreciate Andy's endorsement and support. The public safety of the citizens of Bexar County should be non-partisan, as Andy has shown today he so well understands. I look forward to this campaign and for the voters to compare my record and experience with that of my opponent. Meanwhile I will continue on the job always knowing who I work for...and that's you, the people of Bexar County."

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