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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day from San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor, 5-10

Happy Mother's Day Team Ivy! 
We did it and we are in the runoff!

Yesterday, you told San Antonio loud and clear that you care about experience, you care about values, and most importantly you care about results.

So Thank You for coming out, Thank You for standing up, and Thank You for believing that the vision I have for the future of this city is the best one to help us prepare for a tomorrow that is bigger and brighter than the past.

A vision that provides better infrastructure, stronger neighborhoods, and a healthier community.  A vision that helps us prepare for the nearly 1.1 million residents that will call this city home by 2040.

While yesterday night was a good night, we still have a tough runoff ahead of us. Our opponent will be focused, aggressive, and ready to do whatever it takes to win. 

But with your continued support, I know we can finish the job.

I am working toward a life I want for my daughter-the better life that we all want for our children and I want her to a city that she is proud of, a city she in turn wants to raise her family in. 

Thanks again for making this possible. 
God Bless, 

Ivy R. Taylor

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