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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

A very Happy 4th of July from the San Antonio Tea Party Patriots

It was 238 years ago this week when our Founders took the courageous action of declaring independence from England. That Fourth of July the signers literally put their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor on the line, standing up for Freedom. Many suffered greatly for it.

Since that day, Americans put their lives on the line for Freedom and were constantly involved in how the country was governed. Most of our countrymen nowadays are sitting it out, happy in their prosperity and comfort not to get "political" or even discuss our Freedoms, much less be involved in preserving them.

You and I get it. We go beyond just living here and voting.  We get involved, working to protect our personal and economic Freedoms and striving to leave our posterity a debt-free future.  If it was easy, more would be joining us. But, like the Founders, and because it isn't easy, we will lead the way!

Congratulations, Patriots!  Keep up the great work!  
Happy Birthday, America!   

Yours in Liberty,

Tom Shumaker
VP of Communication
San Antonio Tea Party www.SanAntonioTeaParty.US 

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