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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Endorsements for Deputy Sheriffs Association of Bexar County

Endorsements for the Deputy Sheriffs Association of Bexar County

County Court at Law #11
Julie Wright
45th Judicial Court
Stephani Walsh
144th Judicial Court
Tanner Niedhardt
150th Judicial Court
Paul Canales
186th Judicial Court
Mary Green
187th Judicial Court
Steve Hilbig
224th Judicial Court
Cathy Stryker
225th Judicial Court
Peter Sakai
226th Judicial Court
Sid Harle
227th Judicial Court
Kevin O’Connell
285th Judicial Court
Richard Price
288th Judicial Court
Joe Casseb
290th Judicial Court
Melisa Skinner
436th Judicial Court
Lisa Jarrett
437th Judicial Court
Lori Valenzuela
Chief Justice of the 4th Court of Appeals
Irene Rios
County Commissioner Precinct 4, we will wait are endorsement till after the primary and or runoff.

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