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Thursday, February 14, 2013

What Happened on Valentine's Day in History, good or bad

What Happened on Valentine's Day in History?

1803 - Chief Justice John Marshall declares that any act of U.S. Congress that conflicts with the Constitution is void
1848- James K Polk became 1st President photographed in office (Matthew Brady) and on Valentine's Day
1899- US Congress begins using voting machines
1929- St Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago, 7 gangsters killed
1966 - Wilt Chamberlain breaks NBA career scoring record at 20,884 points
Deaths on Valentine's Day
?-270-St. Valentine marking Valentine's Day (some sources say 269, others 273) martyred saint
1367-1400 -Richard II, king of England (1377-99), murdered at age 33 at Pontefract Castle-not a good Valentine's Day present
1728-1779 -James Cook was a British explorer killed by Native Hawaiians near Kealakekua on the Island of Hawaii at 50; Hawaii wasn't always the best place to visit
1723-1780 -William Blackstone was an English lawyer; he wrote the Commentaries on the Laws of England, he was also a justice and a member of Parliament
1732-1808 -John Dickinson was an American lawyer, militia during the American Revolution and President of Delaware and Pennsylvania
1812-1881 -Fernando Wood was one of the most colorful New York City Mayors in history from the Democratic Party
1820-1891 -William Tecumseh Sherman was Union Civil War General and considered the first modern general, Sherman received recognition for his outstanding command of military strategy and in 1869 Sherman succeeded President Grant as Commanding General of the Army
1899-1943 -Dora Gerson was a Jewish German actress, cabaret singer, and Holocaust victim who was killed with her family at Auschwitz Concentration Camp
1920-1979 -Adolph Dubs was the US ambassador to Afghanistan, murdered on Valentine's Day after a kidnapping attempt
1900-1989 -James Bond was an American ornithologist whose name was appropriated by writer Ian Fleming for his fictional spy, Bond, James Bond
1947-1994 -Gary "BB" Coleman was a blues vocal/guitarist/producer, died from the blues on Valentine's Day
1996 -Eva Hart was a famous Titanic survivor who dies at the age of 90; Eva Hart was only seven years old when she boarded the Titanic with her parents, her father died on the Titanic after he saved his wife and child
Happy Valentine's Day

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