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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Commissioner Paul Elizondo's fundraiser @ Giraud, 11-9

L-R: State Senator Leticia van de Putte with wig, Jane Macon, Tracy Wolff, Commisioner Paul Elizondo, Trish DeBerry, Carry Wells, Commissioner Paul Elizondo with Senator Leticia van de Putte, with Tracy Wolff, with Margie Lujan & former Councilman Walter Martinez, Firefighter's Union Legis. Rep. Nathan Alonzo with Walker Report Publisher/Editor & Judge Steve Walker, former El Rey Feo Walter Cerna with County Judge Nelson Wolff, Trish DeBerry with Carrie Wells, NISD Board Member Katie Reed, Dr. Robert Jimenez, Andrew Guerra, Derrick Howard, Alice Guerra, Henry Munoz, Humberto Saldana, County Judge Nelson Wolff & wife, Tracy, Jazmin Azima, Commissioner Chico Rodriguez & his Chief of Staff, Veronica Gonzalez, Howard Hew, Pete Van de Putte, Firefighter's Union Legis. Dir. Nathan Alonzo, Vanness Van de Putte, Bexar County Commissioner Kevin Wolff, Leo Gomez, Cindy Gabriel, Bexar County Clerk Gerry Rickhoff, Bexar County Sheriff Amadeo Ortiz, Bill Merriman, Verna & Benny Hilario with David Rilee, friend, Jorge Herrera, Christian Anderson, former Councilman Bobby Perez with Victor Cavazos, Tax Assesssor Collector Sylvia Romo with Jane Macon, attendees, Giraud Club, Bexar County Commissoner Paul Elizondo with Walker Report Publisher/Editor & Judge Steve Walker

Photos on Commissioner Paul Elizondo's fundraiser @ the Giraud Club, November 9th.

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