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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Local Republicans watch Presidential Debate @ Momak's, 9-7

L-R: Bexar County Republican Party Chair Curt Nelson, Robert Colunga, & Justice Marialyn Barnard, Mike Holdman, Chris Milam, Michael Berlanga, Judge Renee McElhaney & 4th Ct. of Appeals Justice Marialyn Barnard, judicial candidates Art Rossi & Joe Apelt, Bexar Republican Publisher James Barnes & Jill DeYoung, Reinette Alcozay, Bexar County Republican Party Chair Curt Nelson, Toll Party President Terri Hall, Ret. AF General & Bexar County Republican Vice Chair Susan Pamerleau, John Hall, SA Tea Party President George Rodriguez, Michael Shackleford, screen, Republican viewers, MoMak's

Local Republicans gathered to watch the 8 Republican Presidential candidates debate to include Governor Rick Perry, September 7th.

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