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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

State Senator Leticia van de Putte endorses Rosie Alvarado

285th District Judge candidate Rosie Alvarado (photo) endorsed by Senator Leticia van Putte.

Democratic Candidate for the 285th District Court, Rosie Alvarado, has received the endorsement from one of our nation’s most effective and influential state legislators. Five term State Senator Leticia Van de Putte announced today she will support Rosie Alvarado saying “she has the right temperament for the Bench.”

Senator Van de Putte also says she has “watched Rosie grow from a teenager into a successful businesswoman” and that despite requests from competing candidates is making it clear Rosie “is her candidate.”

Senator Van de Putte currently serves as Chair of the Veteran Affairs and Military Installations Committee, and also is a member of the Senate Committees on Education, State Affairs and Business and Commerce. She was nominated as Co-Chair of the 2008 Democratic National Convention, joining the ranks of Texas women; including Barbara Jordan and Ann Richards.

Rosie Alvarado is a skilled trial attorney with expertise in diverse areas of the law, including plaintiff’s personal injury, Qui Tam: State and Federal False Claims, Texas Tort Claims Act, toxic tort litigation, family law, small business representation and criminal defense. She is also a skilled negotiator and advisor with strong scientific and technological background and oversees and manages all aspects of her law firm business.

Rosie’s recent success included her involvement with the resolution of a “whistleblower” case where two men uncovered fraud being committed by a national aeronautics company. The company agreed to reimburse the U.S. Air Force for millions of tax dollars it squandered.

Rosie is no stranger to public service. She is the daughter of the late State Representative Leo Alvarado who served 8 years in the State Legislature. “He was my friend, but most of all he was a great father,” said State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, who served in the state House with Alvarado. “His world revolved around his children, and that’s what made him special.”

Senator Van de Putte feels Rosie has a great background for public service because of her father’s grooming and teachings. She says Leo Alvarado would be very proud of his daughter. Early voting for the 2010 primary election begins February 16th and election day will be held on March 2nd.

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