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Sunday, February 19, 2017

79 San Antonio Mayor/Council candidates & their careers/

 Candidates for Mayor of San Antonio & their careers. Ivy Taylor (City Planner) Ron Nirenberg (Consultant) Manuel Medina (Engineer) Tony Diaz (Independent Contractor) John Velasquez (Clinical Pschologist) Rhett Smith (Retired, Security)Gerald Ponce (Consultant) Keven Roles (Paramedic)  Not pictured Michael Idrogo(Federal Officer) Will Mcleod (Security) Felicio Hernandez Flores-Owner of Home Improvement, Stephen Luke-public servant, Napoleon Madrid-retired(pictured)  Julie "Mama Bear" Oldham- political activist

District 1:Robert Trevino-architect, Lauro Bustamante-attorney, Robert Feria-organizer, Adrian Flores-landlord, Ross Trevino-Association Mgr. Michael Montano-attorney

District 2:Alan Warrick-CEO, Dori Brown-office manager, William Shaw-attorney,Keith Toney-school liaison officer

District 3: Nathan Carrizales-student, Rebecca Viagran-elected Official, Sylvia Don-none, Ralph Gerber-self-employed, Ismael Reyes-retired, Jerome Dunham-non-profit CSR, Jessica Guerrero-cultural worker

District 4: Rey Guevara-Youth Minister, Rey Saldana, elected official, Johnny Arredondo-retired

District 5:Shirley Gonzales-business owner, Cynthia Cavazos-CEO, Daniel Yanez-attorney, Richard Montez-Human Resources, Daniel Lopez-business owner,Dolores Sotomayor, office coordinator

District 6: Eric Gosset-logistics, Rick Trevino-teacher, Melissa Cabello Havrda-attorney, Joseph Cortez-consultant, Ropal Anderson-analyst, Greg Brockhouse-self-employed, Robert Castaneda-payroll anaylyst, Don Page-retired

District 7:Michelle Dalbis-Robleto-retired, Cris Medina-elected official, Marco Reyes-teacher, Ana Sandoval-public health scientist, Alfredo Esparza Colunga-retired

District 8: Shane Hinze-student at UTSA, Cynthia Brehm-retired, Manny Pelaez-attorney, Pat Stout, business owner,Tony Valdivia-product management, Paul Martin-investment advisor

District 9: John Courage-educator, David "Doc" Cohen-physician, Patty Gibbons-CEO, Lynlie Wallace-legislative staff, Matt Pina-inside sales, Marco Barros-CEO/Association, Patrick von Dolen business owner, Adam Goodman-managing partner, Bert Cecconi-Air Force retired, Sandra Martinez Deyarmond-mental health clinician

District 10: Andrew Padilla-retired, Clayton Perry-retired, Jonathan Delmer-self-employed, Ezra Johnson-attorney, Reinnette King-real estate investor, Lon Jett-retired Army, Diane Kenny-licensed school psychology, John Alvarez-therapist,Eric Robert Morse-producer, Celeste Montez-Tidwell-private care attendant

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