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Sunday, October 12, 2014

3rd & final post on Firefighter's Union candidate nods, 10-11

Firefighter's Union Legis. Dir. Nathan Alonzo & wife Cindy, with Javier Munoz, Judges Wayne Christian & Lisa Jarrett, Judge Sol Casseb, judicial candidates Renee McElhaney & Al Alonzo, Judge Genie Wright, judicial candidate Jefferson Moore, Judge Sandy Bryan Marion,  Laura Olsen representing Senator Donna Campbell, Adam Zeldes with wife, judicial candidate Barbie Scharf-Zeldes, Judge Liza Rodriguez, judicial candidates Kevin O'Connell & Judge Carlo Key, judicial candidate Stephani Walsh, Commissioner Pct. 4 candidate Tommy Calvert, Rachel Sakai, Judge Jason Pulliam with Firefighter's Union Legis. Dir. Nathan Alonzo,  Commissioner Tommy Adkisson, Firefighter's Union President Chris Steele, Judge Sandy Bryan Marion with friends

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