Performs Weddings!

Performs Weddings!
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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Judge supporters who turned out to Central Jury Room, 1-1

Former Judge Monica Guerrero, Dr. Laura Mery, former SAISD Board Member Margaret Mireles & Firefighter's Union Legis. Dir. Nathan Alonzo, Leo Gomez, Judge Pat Garza, Jorge Herrera & son, & father Frank Herrera, Judge Michael Mery & Selective Service Director Larry Romo, Judge David Peeples, Commissioner Tommy Adkisson, Judge Carmen Rojo, John Bustamante, Angie Garcia, Ina Castillo, Gilbert Casillas, Chris Forbrich, Richard Karam, David Plylar, former Congressman Albert Bustamante, former Sec. of State Roy Barrera

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