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Thursday, April 21, 2011

RR Comm. Chair Michael Williams launches "Bowtie Patriots"

Two years ago, the Tea Party movement was born on the front steps of courthouses and city halls around Texas and the United States. Everyday citizens gathered on Tax Day 2009 to rally against a government of endless debt and relentless encroachment into our daily lives.

I was privileged to speak at the "Don’t Mess with Texas Tea Party" in Austin two years ago, and I am still honored to be a part of the movement that is forcing Washington, D.C. to honor our great Constitution and to reduce the size and reach of our government.

Sadly, in spite of our accomplishments, there are still reasons for us to continue gathering and fighting. I will be attending and speaking at Tea Party rallies this weekend and in the weeks to come, and I hope to see you out on the trail.

Neither I nor any of my opponents for the U.S. Senate can claim to be the "Tea Party Candidate". But I can tell you that the initial encouragement I have received from Tea Party activists is both exciting and humbling. That's why I have launched Bowtie Patriots, a new coalition for Tea Party members who support my campaign.

Bowtie Patriots is my effort to bring some of the energy and ingenuity of the Tea Party movement into my campaign. The coalition is in its infancy, and I need your help to grow it. I hope you'll visit and share your thoughts with me.

I believe that our country, under its current leadership, is headed in the wrong direction with disastrous results in our future. But I also have hope that we, through the continual efforts of everyday patriots, can restore the United States and return us to our founding principles. I hope you'll find Bowtie Patriots to be a place where we can work together for the future of our nation.

Michael Williams
Senatorial candidate

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