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Monday, October 18, 2010

Local Republicans rally @ Wonderland of the Americas, 10-18

L-R: Bexar County Republican Party Chair Curt Nelson, Congressional nominee Francisco "Quico" Canseco, Senator John Cornyn, & Congressional nominee Clayton Trotter, Judge Lori valenzuela, Senator John Cornyn, Alamo City Republican Women, Senator john Cornyn with judicial nominee Scott Roberts, with Congressional nominee Clayton Trotter, with Commissioner Pct.4 nominee ret. 2-Star AF General Susan Pamerleau, Texas Railroad Commissioner Elizabeth Ames Jones, Senator John Cornyn with Republican Party Chair Curt Nelson, State Senator Jeff Wentworh, State Rep. nominee John Garza, crowd, Justices Marialyn Barnard & Sandi Bryan Marion, Judges Sol Casseb, Ray Angelini, judicial nominees Melisa Skinner, Jason Pulliam, Scott Roberts, Cathy Stryker, Richard Price, Walden Shelton, Bill White with Judge Lisa Jarrett, Jason Wolff with Judge Lori valenzuela, & John Fleming, attendees, signs

Local Republican Party draws crowd to Get Out the Vote Rally @ Wonderland of the Americas (former Crossroads Mall) Monday, October 18th.

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