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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thanksgiving 365 is looking for 40 big-hearted people

Patti Radle (photo)
Former Councilwoman

Good supporters of Inner City, Can you do this? We are looking for you.

It's time to gear up for Thanksgiving 365. Are you ready? We're looking for 40 generous, big-hearted people (or groups of people) to help raise $1,000 each for the Inner City Emergency Food Pantry before November 18th.

Why 40?

  • Reason #1 -- The food pantry is busier than it has ever been. 2 years ago, we averaged 110 families in crisis per month. Starting about a year ago, we've been averaging about 200 per month. Last month we had 345 families come by!
  • Reason #2 -- USAA, who used to help us with our $10,000 insurance bill, informed non-profits that they are no longer funding organizations that are not associated with the military. They have been a wonderful partner and we will certainly miss their support.
  • Reason #3 -- November 18th will end Inner City's year of celebrating 40 years of service. We are hoping to raise money to give Inner City a jump start into the next 40 years.

Here's the commitment:

1) Come to a press conference at Inner City on Nov. 3 at 10 a.m., if you are able, to announce the beginning of the Thanksgiving 365 project. You will be given a T-shirt, a button, envelopes and information. 2) Commit to fasting (on bread and water, or your own rendition of a fast--one friend fasts on sunflower seeds and Dr. Pepper; others give up certain daily meals) until you raise the $1,000. You don't start fasting until November 3rd. This goes faster than you think once you get started and appeal to your family and friends. STOP fasting when you've got the $1,000. For most people, it only takes a few days.
3) Come to a celebration of the collection on November 18th at 12:00 noon. Everyone will bring their checks, cash, etc., we'll tally it, people will tell their stories of raising the money, and HOPEFULLY, we will ALL have a meal together. However, if we don't get to the $40,000, some volunteers of Inner City will commit to fast until that amount is raised. We pray we get a strong response from those of you receiving this. But you are also "allowed" to rope in a friend and raise the $1,000 together!

Thank You for whatever you can do.

Patti & Rod Radle
Inner City Development, 1300 Chihuahua St. San Antonio, Texas 78207.

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